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Jared Padalecki [TorCon’11]

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(FYI I’m hugitoutwinchesters with a new temporary URL!)

I’m really behind on things. I have some fics to read and messages to respond to and tumblr awards to look at. But first, I wanted to FINALLY complete my first follow forever. It was supposed to be a 500 follower one, then 1k, and now I’m 29 from 1.5k, so I’m just gonna go with that!

Thank you to everyone for making my experience on this site a wonderful time. I never thought I’d get this many followers or have people that wanted to talk with me. I really appreciate every one of you. Thanks for putting up with my extremely inconsistent blogging and random J2 spams.

I’m going to try and make everything ABC order.
First, a shoutout to a few people I’ve been talking to for a long time.

addictedtosamndean (Grace) - Thank you for always being so understanding and for being able to chat about our opinions/thoughts/worries on the show! You’re always so positive and I know I can always go to you when I’m worried about something! Thank you for chatting with me!

allforsammy (Yvonne) - Thank you for always being someone I can rant to about how awesome J2 are and for when the wank in the fandom gets too bad! Thanks for reblogging my stuff, chatting, and linking me to all the amazing J2 posts!

scruffydemondean (Rory) - Thank you so much for being the one to help me with this site and being super patient with me. Thanks for chatting with me, reblogging my edits and giving me the awesome hugitoutwinchesters URL!
Other awesome people that I love chatting with and getting to know!

And other blogs I really love! Of course I love all the blogs I follow! These are just some that I reblog most from. Sorry if some of you have no idea who I am, but do know that I really enjoy seeing your posts on my dash!


12rosesofautumn / ackleholic-padaaddict /
alwaysnatz / amuletbrothers / awakendean / 
bradburythequeen / brokenangeluniverse / brotherlyfeels / 
brothersandpain / brothersintheimpala / caginglucifer / 
canonsoulmates / codependentsamanddean / 
crossbowsandcolts / darlingsammy / deanmoans / 


fromcaintodean / fuckyeahjaredandjensenx / grandpacain / 
honeysweetsam / hugginchesters / hushlittlewinchester / 
idjits-in-the-impala / idjitwinchesterboys
iggvmilkovich / immortaldean / 
impaviddean / itsajensenthing / itsjustjensen / 
itsokaysammy / jaredbottoms / jaredpad / jenlovesdean / 
jensenacklespl / kendaspntwd / letitgobabybrother / 
lipglosskaz / lookingoutformybrother / moondoorqueen / 
mooseleys / mostly-jensen / nov2nd1983


octopi-hockeytown / oh-so-sirius /
openyoureyessdean / purgatorypie / requiemdean / 
sammynanci / sammywithdean / samwnchsters / 
scruffappreciation / sexkittensam / skyelirious / spnsanity / 
stubbornsammy / suckmywinchester / superchevyimpala / 
sweetbeecas / sweetonclarence


texanpadalecki / texasbowlegs / thenerdywinchesters / 
velocipastor / virilemanifestationofthedivine / 
wellcometothedarkside / welovedemondean / 
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winchesterandwinchester / winchesterhunterbros / 


Plus my SPN Family

Check out My tumblr awards!

And list of saved URLs!

I would post my networks but I’m in the process of creating a page for them!

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Jared Padalecki [TorCon’11]

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Jared Padalecki [TorCon’11]

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SPN10 Countdown Challenge - day 18 season 4 episode 18 

The Monster at the End of This Book

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Jensen Ackles [Chicon’09]

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Jared Padalecki [Chicon’09]

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imagethis show is very serious

"I don’t want some giant, flaming, pissed-off teddy on our hands."  I’m dying to use this line at least once in RL.

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All I see is you and me and the fight for you is all I’ve ever known.

                             So come home, come home…

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Jared’s reactions to:


People who are whining about all the J2 we are getting and zero “cockles”


People who think the insane amount of J2 we’ve been getting is PR and the powers that be made Jensen move near Jared


People who think Jensen and Misha are secret lovers and/or are closer than Jared and Jensen


People who think destiel is going to become canon on the show


Jared’s bonus reaction to all of this hilarious shit:


wait… [People who think Jensen and Misha are secret lovers …] please, tell me, this is a joke, right?

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My dear,

People cry, not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long.

I don’t count tears of weakness as crying, it’s just water leakage of the eyes.

But tears that come from someone finally being open after remain strong

for far longer than they were supposed to, those tears are TEARS.

And those tears should be comforted for in them is not weakness,

but unbelievable strength.

Falsely yours, A. Nonymous [credit]

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Bingo 25 - Hostages by smallworld-inc

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